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A Peek Into The Marconi Experiment "Studio"

Every so often, I've referred to the studios and the libraries of materials that provide the source material for The Marconi Experiment podcasts. So here's a little peek into the current state-of-the-art that helps produce the podcast.

There are, of course, the additional computer resources, the web site, and all the other computer stuff that goes into this as well, but you get the idea. (I live with all this and have dragged it around across the country with me!)

The "Wall of Sound "

Term coined by Bob Nagengast (with a nod to Phil Spector, in his better days before he was totally crazy and an inmate. And yes, those are all vinyl and yes I really did cart them all to California and back and over to the current location. Yes, I am nuts!




The Marconi Experiment Studios

Control Room

Two views of the main control area, where "it all happens."

The "CD Wall "

Time marches on; CDs are almost obsolete now, but they live on in their own wall.There's actually some more besides this, but this is the main library.

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